Cybersecurity innovation hub

Cybersecurity innovation hub is a European DIH Candidate and non-profit network organization which creates a multidisciplinary ecosystem of research institutions, governmental bodies, clusters, and private companies focused on cooperation, information sharing, research and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in cybersecurity.

Visions and goals

The key features of the hub are its multidisciplinarity, a wide range of cooperating national and international, public and private institutions, as well as the possibility of utilizing unique infrastructures. Partners involved in the operation of the hub retain experts dealing with cybersecurity issues not only from a technical perspective but also from a procedural, organizational, legal, economic or sociological point of view.

The hub also cooperates with and provides support to the variety of national public authorities (like National Cyber and Information Security Authority, Ministry of Justice, Czech Police, or Data Protection Authority), international institutions (ENISA, Europol or United Nations), private clusters, trade organizations, scientific parks, and private corporations. As some of the partners of the hub are research organizations and innovative companies, the hub can utilize their research, development and production infrastructures (i.e., cyber ranges, training facilities, security operations centres, proving grounds or testing infrastructures). 

The hub is coordinated by the National centre of competence on cybersecurity, which is governed by its Board which consists of representatives of key private and public stakeholders in cybersecurity in the Czech Republic.


Examples of services provided

Applied research

The hub facilitates cooperation between research institutions and innovative companies focused on the application of results of basic research in practice. Cybersecurity innovation hub (DIH – CZ)

Awareness raising

For a long time, members of the hub have been involved in awareness-raising focused on issues related to cyber security. The hub is also a cybersecurity and cybercrime information centre within EU cooperative networks and organizes regular events, conferences, and roundtables.


Members of the hub have long been involved in education and cybersecurity exercises. Education takes place in both accredited and commercial educational programs in collaboration with practice. In recent years, the hub has been involved in the implementation of comprehensive national and commercial cyber security exercises conducted using cyber range infrastructure.

Technology transfer

The hub provides support for the transfer of technologies and solutions developed by research and development institutions and innovative companies.


Link to national or regional initiatives for digitizing industry 

The hub is a member of the national CEEINNO platform which focuses on support to the innovative companies, development of knowledge economy in the Czech Republic and implementation of innovations in companies. The hub has also signed various memoranda of cooperation with diverse stakeholders, i.e.
National Cyber and Information Security Agency, National Agency for Communication and
Information Technologies.

The Cybersecurity Innovation Hub is managed by the organizational structure of the National Cybersecurity Competence Centre.

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